Lake Baikal

Our project on Lake Baikal included many American and Russian collaborators. The main goal was to assess how the plankton community, with its many endemic species, would respond to warming and other global change stressors. This project held a special significance for Elena, because her mother is Buryat (indigenous people from Lake Baikal) and the lake is sacred to Buryat people.

More info is coming soon but meanwhile please check some photos from our work (taken by Elena and Paul Wilburn).

Part of our team on RV Kozhov. Guess what is written on our T-shirts?

Part of our American-Russian team on RV Kozhov (Кожов) in the village of Bolshie Koty (Большие Коты)

View of Lake Baikal from the Olkhon (Ольхон) Island

Winter sampling

Filtering setup on RV Kozhov

Winter sampling 2

Winter sampling 3 (Kirill, Ted and Paul)

Where lake meets the sky...

Water temperature in open Lake Baikal rarely gets above 8 deg C in the summer