03/01/24 Chris is teaching a globally distributed course on resource competition theory, with participants from all over the world. Check out his lecture recordings! Also, watch a dramatization of the famous discourse between G.E. Hutchinson and G. Riley on neutral theory (click on Youtube link). 

02/29/24 Carol and Elena hosted a CYBORG Sea Grant project meeting at KBS on HABs in the Great Lakes. It was super fun and productive!

Group photo

02/25/24 Carol received a MI Sea Grant Graduate Research Fellowship to study seasonal succession and resource competition of cyanobacteria in Lake Erie. Congratuations Carol!

02/24/24 The lab had a wonderful gathering in MI. It was great to see almost everyone in person, and not on zoom!

Group photo

02/22/24 Liv and Elena gave talks at the Ocean Sciences meeting in New Orleans. Liv talked about the bacterio- and phytoplankton responses to warming at SPOT, and Elena talked about the ecosystem uncertainties and  increasing the effectiveness of mCDR (marine carbon dioxide removal, e.g., through ocean fertilization).

Logo of Ocean Sciences Meeting

02/16/24 Jonas, Elena and Chris published a paper in Science on Eco-evolutionary emergence of macroecological scaling in plankton communities!

Screenshot of the Science paper

02/10/24 Carol returned from a sampling trip to Kenya. She sampled Lakes Victoria and Simbi for harmful cyanobacteria. 

Group of people standing by a lake

Zoom lab meetings are going strong! 

Screenshot of zoom meeting with multiple people
Screenshot of zoom meeting with multiple people
Screenshot of zoom meeting with multiple people