Klausmeier-Litchman Lab

Welcome to the Klausmeier-Litchman lab! We study empirical and theoretical community ecology, focusing on phytoplankton and other microbes. We use observation, experiments, mathematical models, and data syntheses to answer fundamental ecological questions, from the physiological to the global scale. 

We (Chris and Elena) have run a joint lab since 2005. There are many advantages to this arrangement. It provides lab members with different perspectives, both empirical and theoretical, it generates more opportunities for collaborations and learning a broader range of tools and approaches, and contributes to success in obtaining funding.

Since 2022, the lab has two locations, at the Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford, CA and at the Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University, Hickory Corners, MI. Some of our lab members also work from other locations.

Interested in joining the lab? Explore the research topics and contact us if you're looking to work on some of ecology's most fascinating questions! 

Open positions and funding opportunities

Summer 2024  REU at Kellogg Biological Station on harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Great Lakes

01/14/23 A postdoc position in quantitative analyses of aquatic ecosystems (long term time series, etc.), HABs and resilience is coming soon.